We manage the Responder Teams covering Coity, and the wider Bridgend Town area including Broadlands.

Coity & Bridgend First Responders are volunteers who are trained to attend emergency calls received by the ambulance service and provide care until the ambulance arrives. Volunteers can arrive at an emergency scene in a matter of minutes, as they are sent to calls in the Bridgend area.

The scheme operates as a community based partnership between our First Responder Group and the Welsh Ambulance Service.

welsh ambulance services trust

Each volunteer member takes it in turn to be 'on call'. They carry basic first aid equipment and an automated external defibrillator (AED). The ambulance service controller sends them certain types of 999 calls; and they are despatched at the same time as a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) and/or ambulance.

You can volunteer to be a responder, or to help with other vital tasks such as fundraising, training or administration. Volunteers do not need first aid experience to join, as full training will be provided.